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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it's great. that's all the time we have left this evening. before you go, set your dvr. start your day with "fox and friends" 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. hundreds of passengers capsizes and sinks fast, really fast. it happened in the frigid waters off the coast of south korea. the passengers mostly high school students. first hearing a loud mysterious bang and then facing life or death choice. obey the crew's orders and stay on the tilting ship or put on life vests and jump into the freezing water. rescue crews racing to the scene and plucking more than 100 from the water. right six people confirmed dead but almost 300 are still missing of the rescue efforts are ongoing. a live report from seoul in just minutes. also straight ahead, chilling video, a burglar breaks into a home and goes
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right to a sleeping baby's crip. you have to see what happens next. first, a nevada rancher is not backing down. his war with the federal government is far from over. ♪ >> meet cliven bundy, cattle rancher and range warrior. >> range war is all i can say. >> bundy is the last cattle rancher in southern nevada. and now he is at the center of a political firestorm. >> an american counsel taking on the federal government. nevada rancher cliven bundy threatening to launch a range war after the government sent snipers and helicopters to seize his cattle. >> meet the government agents saying that bundy owes more than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees and taking drastic measures to get him to pay. using helicopters to round up cattle, sending in heavily armed agents. [dogs barking] >> attack dogs, even using a stun gun on amonday bundy, cliven's son. meet gillespie.
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bundy supporters calling on him to disarm the federal agents. saying the federal government has gone too far. >> sheriff gillespie needs to go down and tell the bureau of land management to leave. >> but the sheriff refusing to take action so hundreds of armed militia men rallying to support the bundies, facing off with the feds at gunpoint and the government backing down. bundy supporters worry it is not over. some still providing security for the bundy family. meet buddha cavalier. >> our goals are safety and security of innocent civilians trying to practice their constitutional right. >> the standoff getting attention from nevada governor brian sandavol creating a free speech zone outside of which free speech is banned and senator harry reid also jumping into the fray. >> well, it's not over. we can't have an american people violate the law and just walk away from it, so it's not over. >> which brings us back to bundy, telling the senator
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to go back to washington. >> harry, get back there and take care of that work and leave us alone here in nevada. you have no business here in clark county, nevada. >> and it's not just senate majority leader harry reid the bundys also hearing from senator reid's son rory reid are, is he a lawyer and former chairman of the clark county commission where the bundy ranch is located. >> we believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and we can't just ignore the laws that we don't like and i think that clearly state and federal prosecutors look at this more closely, they are going to find that he broke the law and he should be prosecuted. >> and cliven bundy's wife carol joins us. knives to see you, carol. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> carol, what do you make of senator harry reid's son rory basically suggesting that the prosecutor state and local take a good look and take a look at prosecuting you and your husband? >> well, we know the war is
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not over yet, greta. but i can tell you and all your listeners that we have abided by all nevada state law. we have not broken one law from the state of nevada. and if we are a sovereign state in the state of nevada, we don't need to worry because we haven't broken any state laws. >> why do you think that rory reid is even getting into this? what's his interest in this at all? >> well, i know there is a lot of rumors on the internet. i don't have -- i don't have the facts yet, is that they have business interest on this land where they want to bring in solar plants, chinese solar plants. none of that that i know of. but i think this whole war is about control and unlimited power of the federal government and loss of liberty for we, the people. >> senator harry reid says it's not over. would you agree with him on that? >> well, i imagine they will try to take us back through the court system. it's not over until we stand
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and we are standing and we have got america with us. and we are standing for liberty. and i think the american people are standing with us. we are getting phone calls every day from people who say we're ready to come at a manipulate's in the and stand with you for our country and for our liberty. >> okay. who owns this land? is it the feds? the state? do you have rights to it? explain this whole history. >> we believe that the state owns this land constitutionally. in the constitution there is nowhere where the federal government can own this much land. they claim 89% of the land in the state of nevada. and we believe that we're a sovereign state, and we'll gladly abide by think laws that the state of nevada has. >> am i correct on sighing that the federal government says you owe about 1.1 or $1 million in grazing fee that's are willing to pay that to the state? is that correct and just not to the feds? >> we will pay what the state asks us to pay.
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our rights to be -- we don't claim that we own the actual land. we claim that we own rights to use that land. our water rights are filed with the state of nevada. the state of nevada, we will pay for the taxes for the rights that we own in the state of nevada. >> what does the state of nevada say with this? i obviously get what the feds are saying about. this what's the state say, for instance, the sheriff, the governor, what are they saying? >> well, basically, they are saying they have let us down as a citizen of their own state. they bow down be to the feds themselves. >> does that include the governor? because i mean i know the governor didn't like the method that the feds were using. he didn't like that in the beginning, is he not on your side on sort of the underlying problem? >> the governor has a power to step in and just say not in my state, boys, the party is over. the sheriff actually has the ultimate power in our county and he could have said not in my state. but, instead, they allowed the blm to come in and
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impersonate officers and point guns at our people and try to frighten us. we, the people, should not be afraid of our government. >> what do you think is the next step? i realize you still have supporters there. the feds have backed off. i mean, you know, as we are watching, this what should would he be looking for? what do you think is going to happen next? >> you know what? this is a wild ride. we are going to take it one day at a time. can i tell you one thing this old cow girl doesn't take kind to getting bucked off. >> that's my outcue on that. carol, thank you, and we will be watching. >> thank you so much for having me on. >> thank you. and the federal agents, well, they are now gone. so why are militia members still on the bundy ranch? griff jenkins went to the ranch to find out. >> we're here just to give them a security blanket to help them rest easy at night so they can go about their day-to-day business here at the ranch. >> i'm still here because i found out what was going on on the news and my friend james and i, we decided to come out and support the people that were out here and standing up to --
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standing up to people that have seriously not read the federalist papers or the constitution. >> are you itching for a fight? >> no, not at all. i have been in a fight before. and plato said it best, it's easy to go to war, it's hard to get them to go back. the last thing i want to do is about be in another fire fight. >> i'm in a former united states marine. i'm a former police officer. i'm a former high school history teacher. i don't make this country more dangerous. i make it more safe because i values. >> do you want to -- the federal government. >> not at all. we have people out here to support to practice their second amendment rights and their constitutional privileges which have been provided to them by a real government. >> how long will you stay? >> until mr. and mrs. bundy look at me in the eyes and tell me they are safe and secure and i can go home to my family and business that i have got down there. >> next guest admits that cliven bundy does not have the courts behind him but
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insists the ranchers should keep on fighting. kevin joins us from the national review. there are two court orders that go against the bundys you think the bundies should persevere, why? >> senator harry reid and nomish little son breaking a law. of course they are breaking the law, act of civil disobedience the definition of civil disobedience is breaking a law that provokes authorities to draw attention to the underlying question of justice you are trying to highlight. in this case it's a question of the overreaching administrative law branch of the government imposing rules on people without a lot in the way of political resource and in a situation in which they're virtually monday nope police in the state of nevada owning, you know, 87 by some estimates, 89 by other estimates% of the land. of course they are breaking the law. i'm glad they are doing and it i hope they keep doing it. >> okay. the feds say they owe a million dollars in grazing fees. they say they are willing to
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pay it but pay it to the state. if they hypothetically, if they paid that $1 million to the federal government, would there be any difference in their grazing? could they still graze the same places, the same amount? is there any distinction there? >> well, again, this stuff is all decided by bureaucrats at the bureau of land management and other places and who knows what they are going to do. they are a fairly unpredictable bunch. i think the real question here though is about what sam prentice used to call narcotyranny a situation that the government more or less advocates responsibilities at the big national level not doing things like policing the border. not doing things like making sure that the irs is following the law and not violating the hadshack which when it comes to little things defending tortoise habitats they self-righteousness of a fourth grade hall monitor. that is what this question ends up being about. >> where does this lead? right now the feds have backed off. at least they have backed off the weapons are gone, the helicopters are gone.
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you have still got the bundies with the militia there. they are standing by. what is next? >> well, you know, everyone talks about the rule of law in this situation. of course, that ends up being an interesting question because we have, for instance, a president who is willing to set aside part of his healthcare law when it's inconvenient. athe irs not being prosecuted for the laws they are breaking. a national conversation about how not to enforce our immigration laws. when it comes this rancher in nevada of course we are going to insist to the national level on enforcing the law down to the letter. my questions is -- guess is he ends up in prison or possibly worse. >> we will be watching because it seems like it's not going to end at least any time soon. kevin, thank you. >> thank you. >> ace just noted we will continue to keep you updated on this quickly changing situation at this nevada ranch and tell us though whose side you are on. tweet or post using #greta bundy ranch. but right now, president obama under fire. republican critics accusing the white house of essentially cooking the
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books. changing the survey's healthcare questions to hide the failures of obamacare. former congressman allen west joins us. nice to see you. we are talking about the census bureau is that correct, congressman? >> yeah, you are absolutely correct. as a matter of fact, unless something has changed, back in 2009, under the leadership of then white house chief of staff rahm immanuel, the census bureau was brought under the direct influence and direct control of the white house, so now that has become a pretty well plited sized organization. so i think that when you look at the changing of these questions, a lot of people are saying this was something already in the pipeline, there should be not any concern, but the concern is that, number one, you have the direct influence of the white house over the census bureau and number two you have an administration which really does not have any credibility. we know that the american people are not trusting of the president and they really do believe, i think, 61% that he pretty much is telling lies to the american people. >> well, i think -- the "new york times" -- i read the "new york times" story which brought the light -- they
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were actually talking about the fact that by changing the survey questions it's going to be impossible to sort of measure whether or not what the real numbers are of people who have gotten health insurance, whether they have increased or not, it's no longer apples to apples comparing last year to this year. it's comparing apples to oranges. the "new york times" has question about that. moving the census bureau into the white house from the commerce department. what is the political gain for the white house to do that? >> well, i think that you see it right now with the ability to manipulate these questions which have been there but then they can can kind of use it as a criminal does to clean up the site of a crime and dust off all the evidence and maybe that's a possibility. but j couldn't they have done it. >> demographic. it's demographic information that you get. and that demographic information can help you with the political aspirations and the political information you need to do the mike co-targeting. >> could that not be done if it remained over at the obama administration
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commerce department? is there a big difference to moving it to the white house? >> well, the thing is you might create a little email or paper trail that can be followed. when you bring it right under the direct control of the white house you eliminate a search individual. look, we don't know what these numbers are. it's somewhere between 7 to 13 million people need to be accounted for. and just by telling us there are 7.5 million, we don't know how many of those people are on medicaid. what about the a to 6 million americans who lost their insurance coverage. we understand that former h.h.s. secretary said they needed 7 million. but we are not clear on what this affordable care act, obamacare is doing for the american people. >> going back to '09, do you remember what the justification was to what the white house explained as to why they suddenly moved the census bureau over to the white house? what did they say was the reason? >> well, there was no explanation. the only thing that i can kind of remember the quote from rahm immanuel is never let a good crisis to go to waste.
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always as much control as you can have which i think is one of the mode disoperandi for this administration is that is what you see. we are finding out even more things about the relationship of lois lerner with the irs scandal. >> and it goes on and on and on. congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you so much, greta. >> now, this may be the creepiest video have you ever seen. it certainly is terrifying. a burglar lurking over a baby's crib and staring at the baby. what happened next in the latest from the police coming up next. and more on this developing story. hundreds of people in dozens of cars on this sinking ferry. the ferry going under fast. hundreds still missing. a massive rescue mission underway right now.
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okay. this video is so horrible. down right creepy, not to mention extremely dangerous. a burglar breaking into a texas home and then standing over a sleeping baby's crib. surveillance cameras catching the burglar staring right at the baby. so what else did the burglar do and where is he now? lt. jeffrey of the harris county sheriff's office joins us, good evening, sir. >> how are you doing, greta? >> good. so how -- first of all, how did they happen to have surveillance cameras and how did this happen to develop? >> well, we got a -- actually, the house was broken into and the homeowner was not even aware that his home was broken into until a neighbor brought some of his property back from another address. and then he went back and he looked at his video surveillance, and that's when he realized that this burglar had been all through his house and more,
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especially, when he went into his child's room, which was upstairs and, you know, most people would think that a burglar if they saw someone in the house they would run out. this guy he was in there and just taking his sweet time. at one point the baby kind of wrestles a little bit, kind of looks up and lays back down. and i will tell you, greta, anybody that has children, this video would alarm. >> it's incredible. now, this guy has not yet been caught; is that right? >> he has not yet been caught and because everybody is picking up on it in the media. we hope that we can get some good leads. we do have some leads that we're working on currently but it's nothing concrete. >> and i take it it the homeowner doesn't recognize him at all? this not somebody around the neighborhood that lives with or works with or anything like that? this is a complete stranger? >> this is a complete stranger. he has never seen this guy before. now, was there a second burglary that night?
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>> >> when the property was brought back from another neighbor, the individual was going to attempt to burglarize their home and they heard the wrestling outside on one of the windows or doors, i can't remember which one it was. and then when they -- he came to the door, he scared the burglar off and that's when the property was dropped in the front lawn. so he didn't get -- our second burglary he didn't get a good look at him. >> it's interesting. didn't they have alarms to get into the house yet they had surveillance cameras inside? there are no external alarms? >> they did have an alarm but it was not activated. this was a saturday and that's why everybody was still at home and not up and moving around and going to work because this was a weekend. which is, you know, the audacity of this gentleman going into the house knowing -- once he saw that
11:22 pm
child, he knew that there was people home. >> it's just terrible. imagine some guy wandering around your house and looking at a child in a crib. i mean it's like -- you are sound asleep and have no idea. it's just the worse, isn't it, lt.? >> oh, i mean, greta, the worse was imagined when i first saw the video, i was extremely shocked. i have children myself. and the first thing you think about is, you know, what could have happened. thank god that nothing other than property being stolen happened. >> lt., thank you and good luck catching him. i'm quite certain you are going to get him. thank you, lt. . >> thank you. >> and straight ahead, it was a loud bang and then a tilt. a ferry boat suddenly capsizes, forcing terrified passengers to make those life and death decisions and now the race is on to find hundreds of people still missing in those frigid waters. a live report from south korea is next. also caught on camera a dare devil's wild ride near a vertical ridge. you have to see the rest of
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this is a fox news alert. almost 300 missing passengers after a giant ferry capsizes in the frigid waters off south korea. the ferry carrying mostly high school students was heading to a tourist island when it sank and it sank fast. at this hour at least six people confirmed dead. gr reporter jason is live in seoul, south korea. jason, first of all, any new information on the recovery? >> well, it seems from the scene, as close as can you get. so parents that have traveled down there to hopefully reunite with their lost loved ones say that not enough is being done. overnight the diving, the rescue efforts had taken a break. but now that it's day break here in south korea, i assume this can go on. but, the navy and coast guard saying that they are going to have to it wait another day before they can start trying to pull the
11:28 pm
boat back to shore. >> all right. what is -- i read reports that there was some noise before it started listing and tilting and then over and down. is there any sort of preliminary thought an to what has taken this ferry down? >> well, greta, they are still not too sure exactly what that loud thud was that some of the people who got off the boat say they heard before it started to tilt. of course, there is speculation it could be a rock. some maritime observers there say that the channel where the boat was passing through doesn't have those type of formations. so they are really not too sure. we probably won't know until they can actually bring the boat back to shore. >> this is a terrible story. absolutely terrible. jason, thank you. >> thank you. so how could a giant passenger ferry just sink? former coast guard captain peter boynton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, sir. >> that's awful fast sinking, isn't it, for a
11:29 pm
ship? >> it is. it's it certainly suggests that there was significant flooding of some sort. we don't yet know whether that was caused by a hull breach or equipment or operator error. for a ship 500 feet long to turn on its side and capsize in just a matter of hours means that the stability was affected very quickly boyian is i was lost quickly and then the vessel went down. so it certainly suggests that it's some type of significant flooding, just don't yet know what the source, what the cause was for that. >> you know, when you talk about the flooding though, aren't there sealed chambers down below so that, you know, a chamber can get flooded but it's not necessarily going to take the boat over? >> that's right. they are called compartments and that's the reason a ship is built with compartments. again, we don't have all the reports it could mean a couple of things it could mean if there was a hull breach and we don't know if
11:30 pm
there was or what could have caused it, it could be something outside striking something that causes a hull breach it could be something inside the ship that causes a hull breach. and if that was the case it may have breached more than one compartment. there is another possibility with this type of ship. it's a roll on, roll off auto ferry in addition to passengers. so, typically, these kind of ferries have very large open auto decks where you drive your car or truck in. if that auto deck area is breached, that is one very large compartment. and if it is breached and water reaches that level, then that's a potential for catastrophic loss of boyian is buoyancy and stability. >> the ferry was two hours late leaving because of dense fog. they haven't suggested it is -- that channel is well known to captains. is there equipment on board that can at least spot if
11:31 pm
there were like a surprise big huge bolder under water? isn't there rather sophisticated equipment so that seems unlikely? >> well, there are depth finders but typically a vessel of this type would not carry the type of sonar that could chart the obama. however, it should carry modern navigation devices that are sufficient to keep it on track. it's a fairly well-traveled area. and so, again, we don't yet know how close was it on track or off track. >> all right. thank you, sir. thank you, captain. >> thank you. and there are new reports just in that there are students still alive and trapped on the ferry. at least one has been communicating with his father from inside the boat. we're going to bring you updates as they happen. now to the news that may surprise many of you. less than a week after stepping down as h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius is reportedly considering a new job. she is thinking about running for the kansas
11:32 pm
senate seat currently held by republican senator pat roberts. josh letterman, the hill's justin cink and byron york. it goes to show washington is never dull. >> i don't think this is going to happen. i don't think there is any way that this could succeed. kansas has not elected a democratic senator since 1932. that's an uphill climb right there. the democratic polling firm p.p.p. did a poll in which she was included in february, found her deeply under water in favorability ratings. 55 to 38. 38% also happens to be the percentage of votes the president obama got in kansas in 2012. this went work. >> justin, there is also this horrible bad blood senator roberts has been on here and he has even said things about secretary sebelius. i mean, i imagine if anything -- it would be almost a little bit of a revenge race. >> certainly the kind of the
11:33 pm
personal issue at play. motivation for why she might jump in this race. but she hasn't kind of laid the groundwork that you would expect for a senate candidate. she would have to file by june 2nd. she has not reached out to her traditional allies on the ground in kansas. and, you just haven't seen her lay the groundwork that you would need to see. and democrats in kansas say they are worried about her running. it could bring national attention to the race and hurt people down the ticket. you just haven't her seen the work that she needs to do. >> i would think the last thing that woman would want to do is come back towght way. no matter which side of the debate you are on. and there are all sorts of stories about the white house throwing her under the bus it seems to me that the last thing i would want is to come back here. >> well, sources that i have been talking to say this actually came up in a meeting with sebelius and her senior aides and at first she kind of joked and said, you know, the filing deadline hasn't passed i could run people applauded and she laughed. here is the problem with running for senate, if you win you actually have to
11:34 pm
certain in the senate which is not the most pleasurable experience right now particularly if you are a democrat and republicans win the senate in november. so my sources say that after that she kind of interjected and said, look, i have nittany lion tension of running for the seat. so i think it's pretty safe to say she is probably not going to run. >> and really bad blood, right? >> there is bad blood. part robertson is involved that bad blood fight in the republican party. being challenged by tea party challenger dr. milton wolf. it appears that roberts is very very safe but, still, he has got kind of a bad blood primary going on even before the general election. >> i mean if you want to talk about personal issues, she has a big incentive to go back to kansas. her husband is a federal judge there. she is kind of bemond constantly during her time in washington that they have been apart. that's a big incentive for her to want to go home. >> panel, thank you. the "new york times" has that one anonymous source. hold our breath see what happens if she runs but it doesn't look like it.
11:35 pm
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more than 100 fires somewhere when it yemen and making thretsz about america and the cia didn't even know this was happening? how does that happen? lt. colonel oliver north joins us. how does that happen? >> it happens because we don't have any intelligence. what this is a pep rally. it's a pep rally. it's an al qaeda or as i put it islamic radical pep rally and it's a stick right in
11:40 pm
the eye of the obama narrative that says they are on the ropes. they are now proving to everybody they are not on the ropes. >> speaking of which, i went back and got president obama's 2012 september 6th speech at the convention. he said al qaeda is on the path to defeat. of course we had the black flags at benghazi waiving. we have what's going on in iraq and now this. >> this is a recruitment video for them it proves that their franchise globally is working. it's not just al qaeda. can call al shabaab. islam -- no matter what you are calling it is all part of radical islam. franchise it is global. they will use this around the world to say the americans can't stop us, that's the reeled message here, now, you asked the question, how could it happen? >> that we missed it? >> we knew nothing about it until it was released. here is what happened. eddy snowden has helped people figure out how to it avoid signals intelligence. >> wait a minute. we knew a long time ago how
11:41 pm
to do that before snowden. >> i'm talking about the bad guys. >> they knew that they have been doing it by hand. >> they didn't grab these guys just by, you know, telephone calls. >> no, no, no. they did it by word of mouth. >> i don't assign that to snowden. i do agree that's problem. >> snowden has ahelped everybody how to avoid signal intelligence. john brennan the cia director has been lying to the american public just like obama has been lying about being on the ropes with am divide. he has been lying to the republic what the cia can do. the cia cannot do human intelligence. this whole organization on the screen behind us should have been penetrated years ago. it hasn't been. it's not been penetrated in yemen. it's not been penetrated in saudi arabia. certainly not in pakistan. what they don't know is how to get inside it. that's the real problem here. lack of intelligence. that's how it happens. >> i mean, yes, it's true, we can't get inside. the real problem is that it emphasizes that it's a real threat and it really does show how limited we are and
11:42 pm
how vulnerable we are. if we don't each know when a group like this gets together. >> out in the open. >> right out in the open. >> they know when unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned drones. i have been to the place where they do this over at yemen. they know, they call, they tell people, okay, they are coming. and what you have got right now. >> are we weak? >>. no we're not weak. >> are we vulnerable? >> no. leadership is is essential in this, greta. we don't have leadership. we're not respected by our enemies. we're not admired and trusted by our allies. and we need allies in that part of the world. if you were a local being recruited by a cia officer, would you trust the that america was going to be there for you? think about what's just happened in ukraine. >> i don't mean to pick. >> who in the rest of the world, the iranians are taking a message from. this putin is taking a message from. this we can get away with things and americans won't know until after we have done it. >> it seems the cia has made a awful lot of mistakes in short order the last few
11:43 pm
years. let me ask you about something else. you and your team have produced war stories and now you are working on another tv project the fx hit show the americans. >> corner. >> you are not suppose to kill me. >> there is another way. listen to me. >> shut up! >> so, what are you doing for the americans? that looks so fun it? >> is fun. it is fun. it's part of my bucket list. i have gotten -- ever since i had cancer there is a bunch of things i still wanted to do and i got to do it it thank you because fox news is all part of the same team with fx. they invited me, called up and said hey, we need an expert on, in this particular case a show about the nicaraguan resistance and they thought i knew something about it here is the great part of this. lots of young people
11:44 pm
watching this who have never heard of ronald reagan. what this is a flip side of a vision of ronald reagan. the cia, excuse me the kgb in this series is desperate. and at the are desperate because ronald reagan has a vision for doing in the evil empire. it takes the prism and turns it upside down and you are now looking at the desperation of two kgb officers living right here in washington, d.c. under cover. the best part of it is, i have met a lot of kgb officers. none of them are as pretty as kerry russell. >> i will keep that in mind. the war stories is still a huge hit and i love the war stories. that's a whole another genre. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, part of your salary is not enough. the tax man now wants to take more from you, he has a new way. how? that's coming up. plus, you're going to love this video. a wild ride down a mountain ridge and the best part you? are right there with the
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that out. that's a nutty ride. okay, now some of you get ready to pay more taxes. the irs may start taxes more than your paycheck. the irs now considering whether workers should pay extra tax on perks provided by employers free food to gym memberships. mary kissel joins us. nice to he sue, marry, nice to be with you, greta, thanks for having me. >> what's this story on new effort to collect taxes? what does theist want. >> this is what the irs does. this is what bureaucrats do. they try to make up work. and when it comes to the irs they try to figure out new ways to take your money. the irs already has rules on the books for example, companies can give you free coffee but they can't give you free meals. but the irrelevancy has kind of selectively enforced these rules. so we had word out in these last hours from fox, the journal has reported it previously. if the irs is considering actually cracking down and actually enforcing some of these rules on the books. >> i mean, is a meal for a employee, is that a perk or
11:51 pm
is that a benefit to the employer because he might keep the person in the building longer who might work, you know, longer hours or something? >> well, who knows? and why do we have the irs thinking about these questions anyway? we have got a tax code, greta. >> targeting people. it might keep them a little busy. >> the tax code is 70,000 pages long. the irs is involved in making these kinds of decisions. it really has no business making. and i tell you what, if you want to get them out of your business, then i suggest everybody take a look at what dave camp proposed out of the house. simplifying the tax code. you hear a lot about fairness and the burden of the tax code. well, what's more fair than making a tax code that's just a couple pages long that companies and individuals can actually understand. >> you know, mary, i don't know if that's ever going to happen because, you know, it's what the american people so want. but, you know what? all those special deals and deductions, those are
11:52 pm
special interests and lobbyists get them and they flood capitol hill with money so they get these special deals. i am with you i would like to see it simplified so everyone knew how to figure out how to file an income tax return. anyway. pretty nutty. thank you, mary. >> thanks for having me. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minute. i will give you a sneak peek just for you. this friday at 7:00 p.m. in our on the record time slot we are airing a special one very important to me. one about jennifer committeesy. orlando woman who disappeared in 2006 at the age of 24. we covered her disappearance closely. as you will see in this special, we don't give up. >> is this how you discovered her room -- >> -- well, no. the bed was unmade and she had two skirts and a pair of slacks on the bed like she couldn't figure out what to wear. these are the clothes she wore to work monday and we have not disturbed them. >> and that's where she left them? >> and that's where she left them. >> there were some signs in
11:53 pm
the condo that she had taken a shower or someone had taken a shower, right? >> yes. wet towel on her washing machine in another room. >> shower walls were damp. >> i wish we could cover every missing person. we can't. but even more i wish we could find them because i meet their families and i spend realtime with them. i see the incredible pain of the unknown. it is the absolute worse. you may think that we drop these stories. we don't. i stay in touch with the families. i still follow leads and even years later just hoping one day, one time i can really help. and do you know what my dream in this job is, i would love to make that call to a grieving family saying, they found her. she is alive. can you imagine that? maybe some day i will get lucky, get to make a call like that. in the meantime, i'm not giving up. don't miss greta investigates, the mysterious disappearance of jennifer committeesy. 7 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and coming up, a scare at
11:54 pm
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bill o'reilly is next. but, first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. president obama warning president putin that there will be consequences for any russian actions taken to destabilize ukraine. tonight, president obama speaking with cbs news white house correspondent major garrett. >> not only have russians gone in to crimea and annexed it in an illegal fashion, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine but what they have also done is supported, at minimum, non-state militias in southern and eastern ukraine and we have seen some of the activity that's been taking place there. >> and just a short time ago, secretary of state john kerry arrived in gentleman new year's eve that have a for talks with european, russian and crew rainyian
11:59 pm
officials. >> robotic submarine bluefin continues search for flight 370. the bluefin is back in the ocean after a technical problem forced it to resurface. so far the information downloaded from the sub has not shown any significant findings. in boston the man arrested with a backpack and rice cooker near the marathon finish line making a court appearance. kevin was arrested last night right after ceremonies marking the anniversary of last year's marathon bombing. edson is now charged with disorderly conduct and possession of a hoax device. the judge sent him to a state hospital for mental health evaluation. and a brand new show is about to debut right here on fox news channel. the one hour weekday program is called outnumbered. love that name. the show features four women and one man each day. air at noon starting april 28th. read more about the new show at that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us. sea you tomorrow night right here at 7 p.m. eastern. right now go to and answer this question.
12:00 am
rory reid wants carol and cliven bundy prosecuted. is he right or is there something in it for him. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" are government scientists working on a chocolate bar that can give you night vision? why some are calling it this season's must have gift for men and women. and how many times since they took office has the president asked for joe biden's opinion on something? >> none. i'm cirrus. i'm serious. it is true. >> and finally, how long does it take a baby giraffe to throw up versus the adult counterpart? the questions mainstream media didn't think to ask. none of these stories on "red high" tonight. >> now let's welcome our guest. she is powerful, feared and given a different name every time she so tv. i am


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